Monday, October 19, 2015

Master Shower Rebuild

The door frame showed signs of water penetration and the carpet felt damp to the touch.
Removed the baseboard and drywall and found the metal stud work to rusty
Removed the tile from the outside of the shower
And found that was a lot of moisture in the base of the shower
 Once we got the go ahead, we began work, first removing the glass and frame
 Removed the walls
Set up a de-humidifer to remove as must moisture as possible
 The wooden frame of the curb to the shower was moldy
 Starting to remove the floor of the shower

 Once everything had been removed, it was time to start rebuild

Once the 1/2 wall had been built, and the shower linen install it was time to start building the base of the shower
  Once the base had dried, it was time to install the Hardie-Backer and apply a moisture barrier for extra protection

Once that was done it was time to start tiling the walls

 Also tiled around the bathtub to help bring it all together
Once the walls were tiled, it was time to tile the floor and grout everything


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